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Cover Right to Rebel

The new album It Is Right to Rebel by Mat Callahan & Yvonne Moore and friends is out now on vinyl and all major streaming platforms.

It is Right To Rebel is an exciting and thought provoking new record from Mat Callahan & Yvonne Moore and friends. The double LP consisting of 15 tracks is mostly rooted in american folk music, but incorporates elements from rock, blues, spirituals and roots music. Lyrically it deals with topics such as the Zapatista uprising in Chiapas, political prisoners, war and environmental issues.

It Is Right To Rebel is a battle cry, a wake up call, an invitation to join the struggles of our time, a celebration of rebellion and social movements and a musical thumbs up to all the people that realize that big changes have to be made.

The double album comes in a gatefold sleeve with cover art made by graphic designer and author of The Encyclopedia of Political Record Labels, Josh MacPhee. It includes a 12 page insert with lyrics and liner notes.

It Is Right To Rebel is a true product of internationalism. It is recorded in Switzerland by an American and a gang of Swiss musicians, the cover art is made by an American activist from Brooklyn and the record is released by a Norwegian leftist record label.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you’d like to do a review, an interview or if you want any additional information. Mat Callahan is also available for radio or podcast appearances.

High quality wav-files, music videos, press photos and cover art can be found here

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It Is Right to Rebel is a true product of internationalism. It is recorded in Switzerland by an American and a gang of Swiss musicians, the cover art is made by an American activist from Brooklyn and the record is released by a Norwegian leftist record label. The release is limited to 500 physical copies world wide.

Album title: It Is Right to Rebel
Artists: Mat Callahan & Yvonne Moore and friends
Publisher: Plateselskapet No. 13
Catalog No: NO13LP007
Format: 2 x 12″ 140 g black vinyl LP

Track list
A1: Free Leonard Peltier (4:04)
A2: The War Against Forgetting (3:16)
A3: High John the Conqueror Root (3:38)
A4: Fire Isn’t Fire (3:26)
B1: 99 Books (George Jackson) (4:18)
B2: Say Yes (4:20)
B3: High Time For A High Time (3:44)
B4: Pick Your Poison (3:50)
C1: Cross My Heart (1:47)
C2: Another Message Coming‘ (2:45)
C3: Stand and Fight (2:56)
C4: Different Worlds (5:36)
D1: Sellavision (4:26)
D2: Sweep the Moneychangers From Your Soul (7:31)
D3: The Last Word (4:52)

About the Musicians
Mat Callahan is a musician and author originally from San Francisco. Recent projects include the republication of Songs of Freedom by Irish revolutionary James Connolly, the recording and publication of Working-Class Heroes, and the launch of the multimedia project Songs of Slavery and Emancipation. He is the author of five books including, in 2017, The Explosion of Deferred Dreams (PM Press) and A Critical Guide to Intellectual Property (Zed Books). Callahan can be reached at www.matcallahan.com.

Yvonne Moore is a singer and bandleader originally from Schaffhausen. In addition to recording numerous albums of her own music, Moore is cofounder and treasurer of the Art in History and Politics Association, whose purpose is to discover, publish, and popularize music, graphic art, and texts created by participants in conflicts such as the struggle to abolish slavery. Her exploration of the songs of Sarah Ogan Gunning led to the making of Working-Class Heroes. Moore can be reached at www.matandyvonne.com.

Dear Friends
We are happy to announce the release of our new album, „It Is Right to Rebel.“ The album is on vinyl, a double-LP, and is a collection of 15 songs recorded in 2021. Originally, it was to be released in December 2021 but shortages of vinyl delayed the pressing until now. By following the various links listed below, you can access samples of the music, videos of the band performing and you can order a copy direct from the distributor. If you have any questions for Mat and Yvonne, you can contact us through this website.

Press Kit
High quality versions of all the tracks and videos, press photos, high resolution cover art, a pdf of the insert and a text document with release information and credits. To the downloads

To Order
Europe and the rest of the world
North America

Also Available
We’ll be selling the album both digitally and physically on Bandcamp. There are already four singles (6 tracks) including videos available for purchase. The whole album (both digital and physical) will be available 07/29/2022. Meanwhile enjoy these tracks.

Good News!
We are pleased to announce the publication of Songs of Slavery and Emancipation. The book and accompanying CDs are now available for pre-order from University Press of Mississippi and Jalopy Records.

We will be celebrating on Saturday, June 18th in New York City with the screening of our film, a short presentation by the author and a performance of a selection of the songs
(Flyer of the event). For more information contact: Art in History and Politics

For more information about the book and pre-order visit
UPM (University Press of Mississippi)

For more information about the CD and pre-order visit
Jalopy Records

Rest in peace Mose. Thank you for your music and inspiration – Yvonne

„In Praise of Mose“ zelebriert das Leben und die Arbeit von Mose Allison, Blues- und
Jazzpianist, Sänger und Trompeter, geboren ausserhalb von Tippo Mississippi, auf der
Farm seines Grossvaters. Der Witz und die Weisheit seiner Songs sind legendär. Seine
Musik hat viele Blues- und Rock-Interpreten beeinflusst, darunter The Rolling Stones,
John Mayall, J.J. Cale und The Who. Mehr zum Programm hier und nächste Konzerte hier.

Im April singt Yvonne Moore als Duo-Partnerin mit Mat Callahan und dem „James
Connolly-Songs of Freedom“ Programm am Brooklyn Folkfestival New York und
weitere Konzerte in Boston. Am 4. Mai eröffnen die beiden das „James Connolly Festival“
in Dublin, Irland. Ebenfalls im April singt Yvonne Moore mit „Ray Fein & Friends“ am
Internationalen Blues- und Jazzfestival Albisgüetli und an der Jazz Night 2015, Jazz Club
JAP, Löhrenackerhalle.